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bushnell trail camera reviewsBushnell has seen the deer hunting community embrace trail cameras and has expanded out of the optics market and into the scouting camera market. Currently the Bushnell models are offering all the cutting edge features that the other manufacturers have in their units.  Setup is fairly easy and the options and menus seem to be fairly intuitive.   A backlit LCD screen provides instant feedback of the setup to confirm what mode the camera is currently in.

Bushnell Trail Camera reviews

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The only camera status provided is a low battery indicator.   Most of the models do provide the choice between still images and video clips.   Bushnell has also built several trail camera models with a LED flash for taking infrared pictures at night. For security the engineers have also added a software password to the camera so that the password must be known before the camera can be used.   This does not keep the game camera from being stolen it just keeps it keeps it from being used.   Another great feature is the laser aiming guide that is used to assist the hunter when setting up the trail camera. This helps with making sure that the camera is aimed precisely at the trail, scrape, or the bait station where deer are expected to move.